Summit Engineering (Birmingham) Ltd Tidy Their Energy Contracts Up By Working With Control Energy Costs

Precision machining subcontractor Summit Engineering (Birmingham) Ltd based in Solihull have recently benefited from becoming a client of Made In The Midlands Patron Control Energy Costs. In the few months since working together, CEC have arranged 9 supply contracts ensuring all of the contracts have a common end date to make managing the portfolio more straight forward.

Kevin McCormick, Sales Director of Summit Engineering (Birmingham) Ltd explained further ‘Our energy contracts were a bit of a mess, we had a number of supplies which were out of contract with others approaching the end of the supply period. We were also getting inaccurate bills, which was becoming frustrating and taking up time to manage and investigate from our side’

Liam Conway of CEC said ‘I’d met Kevin at several  MiTM events and when he picked up the phone to have a chat I was delighted we could help. We have ensured all supply contracts are now in place but more importantly for Summit Engineering ensured they have Data Collector (DC) agreements in place for their half hourly electricity supplies to ensure billing is accurate and also to allow for us to produce monthly reporting for them which was taking up Kevin’s time each month’