Burnetts Manufacturing Ltd Reap The Rewards Of Working With Control Energy Costs Ltd

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Burnetts Manufacturing Ltd are a UK manufacturing company specialising in rubber, silicone and thermoplastic moulding. Burnett’s design, manufacture and assemble over 150 million every year from their Northampton based facilities.

Burnetts joined Made In The Midlands in April 2017 attending their first networking event at I M Kelly Automotive where they had a chance conversation with Liam Conway of Control Energy Costs about how they currently manage and purchase power for their business.

Alan Murphy, Managing Director of Burnetts commented ‘Liam happened to be one of the first people we spoke to over a coffee and breakfast at the event. He mentioned he already worked with a good number of members and gave a few examples of success stories. Based on the fact we use a considerable amount of electricity in our operation I thought it would be worthwhile inviting him to meet us for a further chat.’

Liam Conway of CEC explained ‘Burnetts are a power hungry manufacturer who like many appreciate energy is a considerable cost, however have a million and one other things to be focussing on and as such energy perhaps takes a back seat until it’s time to do it each year!’

‘Burnetts had historically gone to market directly to their incumbent supplier and negotiated terms directly. The profile of the contract had never been addressed which meant whilst they had negotiated the energy element it meant a significant proportion of their actual cost had never had any technical analysis’

Alan Murphy continued by saying ‘You think you do a good job at the time of sorting supply contracts, the fact is Liam highlighted there were other ways to reduce costs and also luckily for us this resulted in a number of retrospective refunds too’

Liam summarised by saying ‘A number of supply charges were incorrect for Burnetts, they had duplicate charges for supply capacities which the distribution company had made errors on. Based on the type of contract they were in it’s fair to say this would likely never have been picked up and rectified without our advice and support’