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Control Energy Costs Ltd have been acting as energy and utility analysts for 35 years. We currently work with around 800 UK companies with 52% of these being in the manufacturing sector and as such understand the sector and profile well. At the point of joining Made In The Midlands as a Patron we already work with 9 members and are keen to meet other members to highlight the work we do and showcase it's value.

Unlike energy brokers we do not take supplier commissions and as such are in a position to accurately evaluate the correct and most appropriate arrangements for businesses. We are paid purely by our clients based on the value we have added to them via share of savings or a fixed fee.

When we meet with a client we look at the whole picture and build our initial analysis around this. For example an energy broker only typically addresses the commodity element of a supply which makes up around 50% of total costs. As a firm of analysts we address all cost elements as the non commodity elements are just as important!

Ask yourself....

Would an in depth audit looking for opportunities to secure money back be a useful exercise?

How do you ensure you’re truly getting good value for money?

Do you really know how much your existing broker or advisor is earning from you as a client?

Does your existing broker or advisor do anything other than contract renewals?

Would you like to benchmark your current arrangements against a transparent solution? 

There are 4 main aspects to our service:

1. Historic Analysis - In depth review of potential refunds / rebates / discrepancies. This is an in depth analysis far beyond just pricing. We complete a full audit initially for the previous 12 months but we can go back as far as 6 years. We search for opportunities to recover costs and ensure the money owed is returned to you.

2. Current Tariff Analysis - Immediate opportunity to review mid contract tariff structure and charges. Many of our clients would like our support immediately but think we are only interested at point of renewal. There are opportunities to achieve immediate cost savings even if a contract is in place which we didn’t help with.

3. On Going Bill Analysis – We review and monitor the on-going bills to identify further discrepancies. We notify you on an on-going basis of opportunities for further savings. This is particularly useful to ensure the errors identified during the initial audit don’t creep back in. Also to ensure any new issues are dealt with immediately.

4. Procurement & Contract Negotiation – We offer direct to market pricing after an in depth review and explanation of tariff options and structures. Often just because you have always done things in the same way doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way of doing it! Unlike utility brokers we do not earn a fee from the supplier and as such are very transparent with our charges, in turn this typically equates to lower cost for you!

All of this is done at no initial cost to our clients. The in depth health check of the current situation is free of charge, with any opportunities for refunds and rebates being explained thoroughly before a share of savings as a fee. We only earn a fee if we can secure results for you… If we are unable to secure results we do not earn a penny.

During 2015 over 90% of businesses we met engaged with us as a client as our solution really is a 'no-brainer' for energy intensive companies.

As of 23.5.16 we currently work with 24 members. The 15 I have met since becoming patrons have all engaged with us and asked us to take a look at things for them, therefore I can say with complete confidence it's worthwhile arranging a time to talk to us.

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