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You Should Be Signing A Service Agreement When Working With An Energy Broker/Consultant

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When you engage with an energy broker / consultant you should enter into a service agreement with them not just simply signing an LOA.

The service agreement should outline the working relationship, the length of that relationship and the terms of how you’ll be paying for the advice and service provided among other points.

Too often, businesses sign LOA’s with no clear idea on how they will be paying for the service provided and handing over control to the consultant/broker on an exclusive basis.

Outlined should be exactly how the consultant / broker will be remunerated for the work. If this is in the form of a fee/commission then it should be documented within the service agreement, so the client is 100% clear on the cost of the service via the increase to their unit rate. 

Any energy broker / consultant that tells you that they’re doing it for free is lying! 

Be very careful what you sign and who you engage with. Getting it wrong can cost you a considerable amount of money, particularly if they lock you in to 3+ year contracts.

We would happily meet with you to discuss what we do, and why 70+ Made In The Midlands members are clients of ours. We would also be happy to look at anything before you sign it via email with another broker/consultant. The worst we’ll say is it’s ok and recommend signing it. The best we’ll do is save you making a big mistake. / 07501221728