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Not Sorted Your 2018 Electricity Contracts Yet... You're Likely To See Double Digit Increases

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As a Patron for Made In The Midlands we currently work with over 90 members assisting them with the management of their energy and water arrangements. We offer clear advice and guidance to our clients, however for those who we haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet or meet the below may be of use…

If you haven’t addressed your 2018 electricity supply contracts yet or begun to understand where the market is relevant to the previous contract period we would strongly recommend you do so on the basis the majority of businesses are seeing double digit cost increases. Most businesses are typically seeing 20-40% cost increases particularly if the previous contract was timed right.

There are a multitude of reasons for this, the commodity element is rising and currently sits right at the top of the price spread. The more important and influential factor however is the steep rise of the non-commodity elements. These have risen significantly and are forecast to continue to do so.

There are a number of things to consider about how best to approach the 2018 renewals but the message is address it sooner rather than later. Ensure you’re getting professional advice from a reputable source. Be vary wary of ‘brokers’ representing savings as they are likely missing out significant cost elements when they present the offers to you. Additionally be cautious of operating solely over the phone with a ‘broker’ and signing a letter of authority without really knowing much about them.

As a manufacturer you should be aware of future costs increases in order to make plans for absorbing these within the business and we would be delighted to provide market intelligence bespoke to you.

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